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About Al-Salam Investment Group :

Peace Investment Group Company started its business in 1980 as a private shareholding company represented "peace of fuel" strategically located within the city in Salam Street, In order to provide the mobilization of fuel services to the Palestinian public in the city of Hebron as well as the distribution of fuel to the various villages and factories and hospitals in Hebron and a private quarry stone, through the creation and the necessary infrastructure development to provide the best services and adopted a new marketing methods and open a restaurant and shops Tires and place to wash and lubrication oils and automotive parts for customers in the public service and one-stop shop.

And the desire of the company's development has been the establishment of "peace for the mobilization of gas" in 1992 and is working on systems you fill gas cylinders automatically, quickly and with high accuracy, in addition to the gas stores, which can accommodate 1,000 tons of gas and is the largest in the nation, and has been for the first time in Palestine insert reservoirs that are distributed for residential buildings and houses, hospitals, factories, in addition to the delivery of gas through its fleet covers the southern West Bank.

In order to meet the needs of customers and the desire of the group in the formation of the entire cadre integrated, the company started selling a piece original parts for trucks after the founding of the company peace "Natshe Brothers" and that in 1997, This is the company's first companies in the country that worked on the introduction of second-hand German cars with boom great to the territory of the West Bank. In the context of the continuous development, it has been the establishment of a new project continued investment peace group under the name of "peace of cool" and actually in brushes Hawa area in Hebron over an area of about 70 acres, was done in 1999, where is the "peace stores to cool" the most advanced cooled down technological and according to European standards, and which in turn is aimed at keeping fruit and vegetables and freezers of all kinds throughout the year in order to present to customers in various seasons and high quality, and contain "Peace for cooling" at several factories established through many years, namely:

  • Factory for washing and classification and cleaning and mobilization of fruit, which was founded in 2002 and works on flowing and the water system of high technology, where they are washed and cleaned fruits in no way affect the landscape and its beauty, and then entered into the oven after saved textured Health wax and packaging and provided to the consumer, according to market needs.

  • Factory to wash and rates and the mobilization of potatoes and onions, which was founded in 2003 and which is based on washing, sorting and packaging of vegetables and the many dirt and dust from then packaged or sorted and transported to the plant vegetables are manufactured.

  • Vegetables detachment factory which is the first and the events in Palestine, which was founded in 2008 and is based on the cleaning and chopping and Vegetable Processing Detachment with the latest technology (Peas and carrots, green peas, soup, vegetables, corn yellow, Green beans cross-section) and has a production line for the manufacture of ready- made potatoes for frying (FRENCH FRIES) and products are marketed in the Palestinian markets and later will be exporting our products to overseas, but the goal of offering our products to the largest possible number of Palestinian people.
  • In 2006 the company got a sub-agency for Audi and Volkswagen and Skoda in Hebron, where the company has a Motor Show, in addition to the maintenance department continued his equipped to provide the best customer services where the service is provided by trained staff of engineers and technicians specialists in the field of automotive maintenance, and is worth mentioning that the exclusive agent of the agencies above is the United Auto Trading Company.

    And the company continued to reap the many features in many areas, particularly in the automotive field, and through gaining the exclusive agency of the company "Fiat" Italian during the year 2008, which includes vehicles of various family and business types, where is the most fuel efficient cars globally. In 2009, the company has opened a branch told Italy's Fiat in the city of Ramallah in the city of Nablus, which includes the Center for maintenance in order to provide better services to customers, and in 2010 the company opened another branch has told Italy's Fiat in the city of Bethlehem, which also houses the Center for maintenance.

    In 2010, the Peace Investment Group became the exclusive agent for the company New Holland farm in Palestine, where the introduction of the introduction of a new generation of tractors to assist farmers to improve and provide a high level of vegetables and fruits with the finest standards of food factories Palestinian to compete with foreign markets, in addition to the company " New Holland Peace "to provide all the necessary facilities for all farmers by helping them to choose tractors and equipment appropriate to them. The company has won the Best Commercial shield distributor of New Holland agricultural company through a ceremony involving more than 5,000 agent for the company in the Italian city of Rome and that of 2013. Peace Investment Group is today one of the largest private Palestinian companies supporting the Palestinian economy in various fields, in addition to the continuing growth and development of various sectors. Working for peace Investment Group today professional and distinct, multi-expertise crew reaches a population to 120 workers and employees working directly in the company's factories, in addition to a number of technicians working for the maintenance centers, in addition to its contribution to the creation of employment opportunities for Palestinian youth through programs training in cooperation with Palestinian universities. The company is seeking to satisfy customers through continuous development and improvement in the performance of processes and procedures and services offered by the company in order to achieve the company's goals and vision of the future.

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